26 - 27 April 2018

GBPIP Europe (Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme) 2018 is specially designed to cater the global security challenges faced by the brands, in particular, the issues of counterfeiting, product diversion, and look-a-like goods (passing-off) and even unsafe imitations. 4th GBPIP 2018 aims to unveil overt and covert Brand Security Measures, Global Implementation of Anti-counterfeit Technologies, Overview of Analytical Technique, Recent Technologies, Serialization, Track & Trace and Significant Strategies to secure a brand.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SUMMIT (IP Summit) 2018 is heading off to unveil the chance of bringing together IP Owners, Experts and Investors to seek different key challenges and operational issues faced by the IP Professionals and companies these days. This Intellectual Property Summit will provide serious and important insights to the evolutions of IP, Role of IP and New Innovations & Developments, IP and its benefits to your brands and various trademark strategies to manage, protect and enforce various innovative portfolios. Designed exclusively for Chief Intellectuals Property Officers, Heads of Patents, Heads of IP, IP Managers and Patent Attorneys, Intellectual Property Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders about how to balance increasing business interest in your IP portfolio.

Through 4th GBPIP and IP Summit we bring together the right people on meeting table to do business. With our strong dedication and unmatched business intelligence, we offer nothing but the best for you to take your business to the next level. This is what makes our clients come back each year to find new people to do business with.

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