26 - 28 March 2018

Cross-Collaberate Across Agengies and Geographies to Combat the Ever-Evolving Technological Threat to your Product.

More than 1 million people a year are dying from counterfeit drugs. In addition to this overwhelming social impact, the economic effects threaten a profitable industry meant to provide life-saving drugs all over the world. Product recall costs, lost sales and industry fines constantly plague industry operations. With the recent Drug Diversion and Counterfeit Crackdown Act of 2017 and Operation Pangea X, awareness is at its peak and will continue to grow. It is time to join the conversation and push the issues forward for in the hopes of finding solutions.

Key Highlights for 2017 include:

Enhancing Your Outreach of Anti-Counterfeiting Resource Deployment and Allocation
Monitoring a Tailored Global Watch Service – Establishing Proactive Measures to Prevent Global IP Infringement and Track the Sale of Counterfeit Goods
Managing an Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Program– Understanding your Counterfeit Market Landscape and Monitoring Sophisticated Counterfeiters Who Threaten Enforcement Efforts
Raising Awareness and Wellness – Increasing Education for Patient Safety on the Dangers of Counterfeit Medicines
Preventing Diverted Drugs from Entering the Marketplace through Weaknesses in Your Drug Distribution Chain
Measure the Effectiveness of A Good Quality System through Frequent External Audits – Assuring that Products and Processes Conform to Specifications with your Suppliers and Outsourcing Operations
Building Your Brand Protection Strategy – Aligning and Supporting Commercial Strategies To Take Legal Action Against Infringers
Anti-Counterfeiting Authentication Technology Roundtables – Defining the Best Barcoding Technology for your Organization: Understanding its Impact as Part of Your Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy, The Cloud and RFID: Making Seamless Deployment, Nanoparticle-Containing Ink to Combat Counterfeiting Cost Effectively

Intellectual Property Crime through Effective Partnerships with the FBI and U.S. Government Agencies

Conducting Internal Inspections with your QA Unit to Ensure Integrity of Your Brand and Improve Anti-Counterfeiting Operations
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