15 - 16 March 2018

Counterfeiting is now a global menace affecting almost all sectors, heavily bleeding the global economy. It is time for brand owners to proactively adopt a comprehensive anti-counterfeit strategy through a multi-layered strategy.

Today, having an effective anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy is no longer an option but an essential part of any business strategy. Investments made today in securing products and packaging will yield returns in the short to medium term and will help brand owners to protect consumers from counterfeit threats.

The Authentication Forum is the flagship event of ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers Association). It enables key decision makers at Government, Industry, Consumer level to gain first hand knowledge of anti-counterfeiting technologies and solutions to fight against fakes.

After the huge success of the first edition, The Authentication Forum 2018 promises to be bigger and better with over 200 delegates and eminent speakers from across the globe covering various topics such as the 5W’s of Counterfeiting, Consumer experience, role of Government, overview of current authentication technologies to evolution of new generation technologies such as Blockchain and NFC in fighting counterfeiting.

We are confident that you will walk away with a new experience on effective brand protection strategies. Do visit the 2nd Authentication Forum to interact with the best minds in the industry and gain valuable insight into the world of anti-counterfeiting technologies and solutions.

Reasons to attend
  • Understand the regulatory perspective – role of Government roles to protect the interests of consumers.
  • Understand the 5Ws of Counterfeiting: What, Who, When, Where, Why?
  • Hear Global perspectives on the fight against counterfeiting
  • Educate yourself on The future of anti-counterfeiting technologies – Can Blockchain and NFC play a part?
  • Understand how to select the right Anti-counterfeiting technologies and solutions
  • Learn from the practical examples of brand owners through their case studies
  • Learn to devise your Enforcement Efforts and Raids
  • Network and interact with the Best Minds of Industry
  • Be a part of THE BIG DEBATE: An Interactive Townhall Session (Who is going to take the lead against fighting Fakes) and much more!”
Who should attend?
  • Govt. Department officials and authorities involved in consumer protection, regulatory compliance, Revenue Agencies and Issuing Authorities
  • CEOs, CMOs, Heads – Supply Chain, Regulatory affairs, Product Packaging, Brand Managers
  • Customs and State Excise Officials
  • Law enforcement agencies and IP Organizations
  • Legal Compliance & Enforcement companies
  • Brand & Packaging Consultants
  • Brand Protection, enforcement, security, integrity and management companies
  • Investigation Agencies, Academicians
  • Track & trace and serialization technologies providers

Useful Information:
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New Delhi, India
The Taj Mahal Hotel,
New Delhi,
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