18 - 19 June 2018

The IP Law Europe Summit is the premium forum bringing together leading inhouse IP counsel with specialist international law firms, IP attorneys and legal services providers. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers Global/European IP executives an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping the IP industry.

 A result of ongoing dialogue with your peers, the summit agenda is aligned with the most relevant market developments. Key topics for 2017 included:

• Brand Bolstering Business – Protecting the brand by enforcing IP rights and optimising relationships with stakeholders for a strong anti-counterfeiting and infringement stance
• Forging a Path – Buttressing IP visibility and support to establish IP as a core business element by achieving IP awareness in great working relationships with the C-suite
• Watching the Sunrise – Positioning your portfolio and armouring for litigation with agility by absorbing a clarifying update on the UPC, important dates and its charges
• Return on Investments – Boosting company revenue, optimising collaborations and maximising revenue with a well-informed eye on geographic and contractual opportunities
• Surveying the Land – Establishing what is patentable and enforceable across industries and locations by benchmarking with your peers
• Keeping Ahead Today – Capitalising on an R&D and IP innovation alliance by creating policies that encourage cooperation and establish pointed directions for lucrative growth

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Montreux, Switzerland
Fairmont Le Montreux Palace,
Avenue Claude-Nobs 2,
1820 Montreux,